Use my passwords to access all our best investment ideas... for just R10 a week

Others pay over R10,000 ... but you pay only R10 a week.

Take advantage of this huge change in our business. There's no catch. No down payment... no "maintenance fee"... nothing extra to pay... ever.

Dear Reader,

I have found a unique way for you to use our proprietary passwords to gain access to all of the best ideas we cover at FSP Invest

In other words, you'll have access to investment ideas that would normally cost you over R10,000 per year in subscription fees to read on your own (R10,270 to be exact).

But instead of paying over R10,000... or anything even close to that amount... you'll pay only R10 a week.

There's no catch. No large down payment... no "maintenance fee"... no lifetime offer... nothing extra to pay... ever.

How are we getting away with this, exactly?
How can we practically give away information that would normally require you to pay more than R10,000 per year in subscription fees... for just R10 a week?

Let me explain...

The FSPInvest "Cheat Sheet"

I've sent you this note because you have a subscription to one of our research services.

I'm not sure how much you know about our business, but FSP Invest is among the largest investment research firms of its kind in South Africa today.

We have 5 paid investment research advisory services... and more than 20,000 subscribers.

Over the years, we've helped a lot of ordinary South Africans make absolutely incredible sums of money...

We love getting notes like this. It's the best part of our job.

And today, in all, we currently publish 5 paid subscription services. Our services range in price from free (for Money Morning, our introductory daily e–letter we publish every day) to R1,500 per year (for South African Investor, headed up by me).

Altogether, if you wanted to buy a subscription to all of our products, it would cost over R10,000.

That's what you would be required to pay if you wanted to be able to pick and choose from among all of our research products, for one year.

But now we have done something that, as far as I can tell, has never been done before in the financial publishing industry.

In short, we have found a way to get you access to the best investment ideas from among EVERYTHING we publish... at just a tiny, tiny fraction of our regular fees (only R10 a week).

It's essentially a radical rethinking of the way we do business, which I believe could benefit you in a big way.

Let me show you what I mean...

How it's possible to give you all our best ideas...
for just R10 a week

I'm the Head Publisher at FSP Invest, and we are part of one of the largest independent research firms in the world.

Our latest project is unlike anything that's ever been done in South Africa before, as far as I know... which can give you access to investment ideas worth more than R10,000... for just R10 a week.

Here's how it works...

As I mentioned, MoneyMorning is our "free service," which we publish every day the markets are open, with the help of a handful of contributors.

MoneyMorning is designed to introduce readers to our general investment philosophy, and good ideas we don't think you will hear about anywhere else.

To me, MoneyMorning is without question the best daily e–letter in the industry. We work hard to make sure we are presenting useful and original ideas, which you are unlikely to hear about anywhere else.

We began publishing MoneyMorning over 11 years ago.

And I'm incredibly proud of this work.

Of course, typically in MoneyMorning, we don't provide specific investment recommendations.

Instead, we focus on the big themes... what sectors look good for the coming months... which ones are now overvalued and dangerous... what big mistakes we see investors making right now... which investments are being completely ignored, and so forth.

Again, we do this because MoneyMorning is our "free" introductory research service.

If you want to get specific investment recommendations on the themes we cover, we ask you to pay for our respective investment research services.

That is how we stay in business, after all.

But now... all that has changed.
In short: We have begun to use our passwords to access all of the best ideas we cover at FSPInvest... AND the best ideas we find written up in other publications as well... and we will begin revealing our favourite ideas every day in a new service called MoneyMorning Premium.
Basically, if you are willing to pay just R10 a week for the "Premium" version of MoneyMorning... We will share with you ALL of our favourite ideas from among EVERYTHING we publish... and everything our partners publish as well.

In other words, what we do is to go through all of our work, every week, and write up the details on what we think are the best ideas, every Wednesday.

This means that you can get access to the best ideas among the 6 research services we publish. But instead of paying thousands of rands for this work, you'll pay just R10 a week. And your access to all of these great ideas will continue, as long as you are paying R10 each week.

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A unique company that's soared 17% in just a month

Every day, before the markets open, we will publish MoneyMorning Premium, and send it to you by email.

It will replace the "free" version of MoneyMorning you likely already receive but only on a Wednesday.

And in every issue, FSPInvest’s analysts survey all of the work they publish, and all of the work they have access to from among our publishing partners... and they share with you what they believe are the best and most interesting investment ideas at the moment.

But instead of paying the normal rates you'd typically be required to pay to access these ideas, you get them simply by paying your R10 a week fee for MoneyMorning Premium.

For example, you could receive valuable investment recommendations...

On 26 July 2017, the MoneyMorning Premium team of investment experts sent an email to readers titled “The REAL secret to Buffett’s investment success could bag you an 89% return.” 
In this piece, we revealed that the real secret to making money like Warren Buffett isn’t investing like him, but rather investing in companies that are MANAGED in the same way he’s successfully managed Berkshire for fifty years.
The best part, we uncovered a uniquely South African company that’s run just like Buffett runs his business.
Sure enough, since then, anyone who bought this  recommendation has gained 17% in just one month.
As I said, normally, you'd have to pay as much as R1,270 per year to access to this kind of investment research. But in MoneyMorning Premium, you can get access to some of the best share ideas, like this one, for just R10 a week.

You get the idea...

Every day the markets are open, we go through all of our research services, and all the services we have access to, and we highlight the best opportunities among research that would normally cost you over R10,000 per year.

We created this new, inexpensive service for two reasons...

First, because we think most people are bombarded with way too much information nowadays anyway... which is why I think this new service will be so valuable.

In MoneyMorning Premium, we'll deliver to you only the very best ideas, cherry–picked by me
  every Wednesday.

And second, we think this is a great opportunity for you to receive the best investment research in the world... at a price that is absolutely unheard of.

We want you to have an inexpensive way to access the best work we do, and this is the best way to make that possible.

And I don't think there can be any denying that this is one of the absolute best deals in the investment research business.

Every Wednesday you are getting the details on great investment ideas... and month after month these ideas can pay you a small fortune.

For example, here are just a few of the ideas you could access, by paying just R10 a week... and what you normally would have had to pay to access this research:


* These figures correct at time of going live: 29 August 2017

Again, by paying just R10 a week for MoneyMorning Premium, you would have gotten access to recommendations like these that would normally cost you nearly R1,500 per year.

You get the idea... In Money Morning Premium, we'll share with you the details on many investment opportunities that you would normally have to spend thousands of rands per year to access.

So... how can you capitalize on the best investment opportunities in the industry... by spending just R10 a week while others are paying thousands of rands per year?

Here's what you need to do...

Two of Our Favourite Ideas Right Now...

First, simply let us know that you would like to start receiving MoneyMorning Premium, beginning immediately.

In a matter of minutes, you'll have access to investment ideas that would normally cost you thousands of rands per year... all for just R10 a week.

In fact, the first thing we'll do when you let me know you want to give MoneyMorning Premium a try is to send you the full details on two of the most exciting ideas in our business right now:

1. A quick 50% return in 12 months from a tiny chemical specialist

Recently, our Head Investment Analyst who publishes the firm's R1,270 per year newsletter, called Red Hot Penny Shares, found an incredible situation in the services sector.

It has a legitimate shot at returning at least 50% to investors in the next 12 months. o

You see, more than a year ago, a small South African chemical company concluded a massive deal that would put it on the map.
This small listed business bought a 40-year-old established chemical company called Bragan.
Bragan sells raw chemical materials used in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, bakery, dairy and cosmetic industries as well as chemicals for use in industrial, agricultural market.
In short, Bragan fitted in with its business and expanded on it.
But what made this deal so interesting was…

  1. At the time, this tiny listed company, who had a market cap of R330 million, bought Bragan for R213 million (nearly its entire market cap).
  2. More significantly, it made R40 million in profits while, Bragan Chemicals made R43.9 million over the same period.

That meant, it bought a company that made more profits than it did…at a 35% discount!
Fast-forward to today and here’s where it gets even better…
In the short time (under 2 years) Bragan has been operating under this tiny South African chemical business, it’s already generated over R500 million in revenue!
In fact, in 2016, revenue grew a whopping 146% to R397 million. More so, Bragan could generate R700 million in revenue to this small chemical company for the year.
This will significantly boost the its bottom line profits.

Like I said, he believes it has the potential to gain at least 50% in the next 12 months.
And it could easily be one of the best investments you ever make.

As I mentioned, we originally wrote about this company in our R1,270–per–year exclusive investment research service, called Red Hot Penny Shares.  But when you sign up for MoneyMorning Premium, you don't have to pay R1,270 for this research.

You'll receive tips like this in your MoneyMorning Premium service each and every Wednesday.
I realise that a quick 50% return sounds like a bold prediction, and there is absolutely no way to guarantee how much this stock will go up... or if it will go up at all. But, it is certainly possible.

If this sounds like an opportunity you might be interested in, I'll give you the full report at no extra charge when you try MoneyMorning Premium.

And here's something else we went to send you as soon as you start your subscription...

  Upgrade My MoneyMorning Now!

2. Take advantage of the rising gold price – Buy this company now

Since the beginning of 2017, the gold price in dollars has increased nearly 12% from $1,158 to $1,296 today.
At the same time, the gold price in rand terms has achieved a similar performance.
Since January, gold in rands spiked from R15,736 to R16,941 today - that’s an increase of around 8%.
An 8% increase in the rand gold price may not sound like a lot, but consider this…
This 8% increase alone, means one tiny JSE listed gold company will make R230 million in additional revenue!
That’s equal to 10.3c per share additional profit or enough to add around R1 to its current share price of R2.32.
That means, there’s at least a 43% upside in this share right now. And it hasn’t done a thing!
The thing is, there’s more to this company’s growth than just a higher gold price. 

Normally, of course, you have to pay R1,270 per year to access the best ideas from Francois in his Red Hot Penny Shares newsletter.

But when you try MoneyMorning Premium, we'll give you immediate access to a full report on this incredible opportunity, free of charge.

This is an incredible investment opportunity, and no one does a better job of explaining it than my colleague Francois Joubert.

Of course, as soon as you let me know you are interested in this situation, you'll also begin receiving MoneyMorning Premium.

Every Wednesday before the markets open, I'll send you an email that explores one unique investment idea, along with specific instructions on how to invest in this idea, if you are interested.

Remember, what we're doing is using our passwords to give you access to the best ideas among the more than R10,000 worth of subscription services published by our business... and those run by our partners in the publishing world. But only for the next 14 days.
And there’s more – we want everyone to have access these powerful share tips….
That’s why we’ve partnered with Easy Equities, South Africa’s newest and cheapest online trading platform for the first time investor. 
Now you can start investing with as little as R10 through their clever fractional share ownership opportunities.  Investing has never been so accessible. 
And here’s the best part, they’re giving every new MoneyMorning Premium subscriber a R50 voucher to get started – absolutely free! 

And MoneyMorning Premium will cost you just R10 a week.

That's all you will have to pay, ever, to receive our cherry–picked investment ideas, from among the thousands of rands worth of investment research we have access to.

Before you make a decision, however, there are two things I want you to consider...

Something You Should Consider...

For the next 14 days, we are offering MoneyMorning Premium for just R10 a week.

That is the rate for new subscribers, who take advantage of the situation right away.
I'm telling you this because I have seen this happen over and over again in my business.

We offer a great new investment research product... and people who can't make up their minds wait too long to sign up... and they end up paying a lot more than they should.

There's a very good chance you will never again have the opportunity to get in for just R10 a week.

The point is: If you are interested in giving MoneyMorning Premium a try, do it now while the price is so low.

I know the price won't stay this low forever... and it will NEVER be offered any cheaper.

Even better, when you sign up today, you can lock in the low R10 a week fee for as long as you like.

Yes... even when we raise the price in the future, you will never have to pay more than R10 a week.

The other thing I need to point out about MoneyMorning Premium, although it's probably already obvious, is that there are NO REFUNDS.

By the time we pay for customer service and credit card servicing charges, it simply would not make any economic sense for us to process a refund. In fact, it would cost us more than that in processing and administration fees.

Of course, that doesn't mean you are locked in to MoneyMorning Premium in any way. Not at all.

When you sign up today, your nominated account will be charged monthly.

Then, every 30 days, thereafter. You can cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked, and your payments will stop immediately. But again, we cannot issue refunds for money already paid.

As I've said, I believe MoneyMorning Premium is absolutely the best bargain in the financial world... and at just R10 a week, you can understand we cannot afford to leave this offer open any longer than 14 days.

I hope you give MoneyMorning Premium a try, especially considering the fact that it will only cost you R10 a week.

For a complete summary of everything you'll receive right away, and everything you'll receive going forward, see the secure Order Form on the below.

Good Investing,

Joshua Benton, Editor, MoneyMorning Premium
P.S. I can only be able to offer this R10 a week deal for the next 14 days. Thereafter, I may be forced to jack up the price by 100% or more. That's why I'm urging you to activate your MoneyMorning Premium subscription right now. (It's the only way to guarantee you receive next Wednesday's "enhanced" issue – featuring what may be our most explosive pick yet.) Others pay over R10,000 to access this intelligence – you'll pay only R10 a week. But only if you order now.


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